[Performance] Gil Houldcroft Jacobs Moscovich Neumann Yadao _ Made Space

All this week I have been participating in a workshop led by Daniel Neumann on “Modular Composition”, a method of collaborative composition where each composer contributes to the composition in a way that both integrates but also can hold up on its own. The composition Made Space that is the result of this workshop will be presented on Friday, July 30th 8:00 PM at Diapason Gallery, 882 3rd Ave., 10th Floor, Brooklyn. Collaborating composers include Wolfgang Gil, Nisi Jacobs, David Mosscovich, Daniel Neumann, and Tamara Yadao. See the performance page for more information, it will certainly be a unique performance!

About thouldcroft

Electro-acoustic composer, guitarist, DJ, programmer, educator.
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