[WORDS] The Joys of Internet Music

The internet is just an incredibly wonderful place. It’s just over-abundant with information, and opportunity to gain new knowledge. I’ve been adamantly following the exploits of Ubu Web, a repository for the avant-garde. They also have absolutely roped me back into the Twitter-verse; their Twitter account posts the most informative and interesting bits of media, text, audio, video that is encompassed by the HUGE umbrella of the avant-garde (much farther reaching than you’d expect… I’d like to think that I’m an apt example of in my own tastes).

Please do yourself a favor and check out Ubu Web at ubu.com, and their twitter @ubuweb.

Lastly, the reason which prompted this post: a very interesting article on internet music and its results, written by Ubu Web founder Kenneth Goldsmith. He has seemed to hit the nail on the head when it comes to the new shift in music as a commodity and listening patterns that have resulted in the internet mp3 boom. I’m right there with him. I used to be a record collecting junkie. Couldn’t get enough. But then I had a bit more of a disposable income (the joys of living with your parents). I can’t tell you the last time I bought an album. It was likely because I couldn’t download it. But with this freedom, I feel like I have not only been exposed to more music but have become a BIGGER music fan. Which IMO is much more important.

The Wire Issue # 327: Epiphanies: Kenneth Goldsmith

That being said, please download my music as much as you please; sample it, repurpose it, enjoy it, it’s yours.

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