Breadboarding a guitar pedal for the first time!

The newly built and configured electronics workbench in my home studio.

I have been learning electronics on my own for the past 4 years, starting with Arduino hacking, learning to solder by building audio cables, developing audio players for museum exhibits using the Teensy development board and audio shield, just recently I completed the S3-87 kit from, a clone of the Nuemann U-87. At my home studio I have finally built a workbench and stocked it with supplies to start building devices from the ground up. I’m starting with a tutorial from Premier Guitar on building the Elektra distortion pedal. Its in the breadboard stage, but I will soon shift to perfboard. Very excited about it! If this goes well, I hope to move to building a Klon Centaur clone in the near future.

About thouldcroft

Electro-acoustic composer, guitarist, DJ, programmer, educator.
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