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Travis Houldcroft is a composer, performer, music technologist, and educator. Originally hailing from Connecticut where he earned his bachelor’s degree in Music Composition from Central Connecticut State University, he earned his Master of Music degree from New York University in 2011 studying electroacoustic composition and music technology. He currently lives in Marlborough, CT with his partner and 3 children, and for the past five years has served as staff member and instructor at Eastern Connecticut State University, functioning as the coordinator and engineer for audio visual systems and audio recording sessions at Eastern’s Fine Arts Instructional Center, as well as teaching courses in Performing Arts and New Media Studies in Commercial Music Recording & Production, Creative Coding for New Media, Sound Art, and Sound Design for Theatre/New Media.

Houldcroft writes for a variety of ensembles and instrumentations, most employing varying degrees of electronic processes and sounds, and often involving interactive processes between computers and humans. Harmonically and texturally his works run the gamut from serial/atonal styling and chance processes to the integration of folk and jazz tonal harmony, all of which often employ synthetic textures and electronic treatments. He employs a variety of tools in his works, and often writes most of these works using custom built programming and software using Cycling 74’s Max, Csound, and C/C++, as well as commercial digital audio workstations such as Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic Pro. His most recent commission is for the composition of a soundtrack for the film Cultivating Dignity, by directors Alycia Bright-Holland and Kristen Morgan, which is an impressionistic kinetic movement performance film based on Dr. Martin Luther King’s time spent with workers in Connecticut’s Tobacco farms.

Examples of compositions, programming, and opinion can be found throughout these pages. Houldcroft is available for private lessons in guitar performance, composition, audio programming and studio production, is available for audio recording/mixing projects and writing custom music software or custom Max programming. Contact Travis at thouldcroft@gmail.com for inquiries.

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