I am currently accepting students private and group lessons in a handful of disciplines I am involved in. I am willing to teach students of all ages! The major categories in which I teach lessons are:

  • Music Production (Recording, Mixing, Effect Processing, Synthesis, MIDI Sequencing, Sampling)
    • Hardware and Software (Pro Tools, Logic, Live, ReaperGarageband, Arturia Synths, Reaktor, Kontakt, Audacity)
  • Music Composition (Traditional Composition, Electroacoustic Composition)
  • Guitar (Beginner to Advanced, Acoustic and Electric – Rock, Jazz, Experimental)
  • Max & Pure Data Programming
    • Including Ableton Live plug-in programming with Max For Live and iOS audio application development with MobMuPlat and Pure Data

If interested, or for more information, send an email to thouldcroft@gmail.com. Please indicate the area in which you are interested, though the categories are not strict, and often a lesson may involve multiple categories!

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