Travis Houldcroft Group

The Travis Houldcroft Group is the primary performance outfit for my music. It is a loosely affiliated group of musicians helping me present my works in a cohesive, engaging (at least I hope) fashion. Works involving the group are often steered more towards my folk, rock, and improvisation roots. This includes original pieces such as “Last Bell Ring”, “End of Things”, and “I’ll Think of A Title” to taking a page from the folk tradition and reinterpreting other composers’ works, such as Woody Guthrie’s “Pretty Boy Floyd”, Bob Dylan’s “Chimes of Freedom”, Gram Parsons’ “Song for You”, and the Mountain Goats’ “This Year”. Musically pieces can range from vocal acoustic performances with harmonica, effect laden soundscapes with folk melodies and vocals over the top, and instrumental improvisations of classic works. In performance often the Travis Houldcroft Group is just myself solo, using my compositional skills personally developed performance algorithms to augment my performance driven solely by myself. Some performances may employ traditional rock group instrumentation, while other performances may have varying amounts of orchestral instrumentation, including strings and woodwinds. The goal of the Travis Houldcroft Group is to develop a setting for my works with flexible, improvisational based orchestrations performed with dynamic, engaged musicians.

Below you will find selections from my body of work likely to be found in performance (as opposed to my works that are geared more toward art music concerts).

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