[PERFORMANCE] Saturday April 02, 2011 2:00 PM EYEBEAM

On Saturday April 02 from 2-4 PM I will be performing two new works-in-progress at the Eyebeam Art+Technology Center as a culmination of the Sound Art class I helped teach for two classes, where members of the class will exhibit their works in an open collaborative gallery environment. See the PERFORMANCE page for more information.

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Announcing….

http://www.travishouldcroft.com!!! New domain name! Same weird sounds!! Update your bookmarks!!

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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Introductory Sound Art/Electronic Music Class with Public School NY

Myself and a group of talented sound artists have organized and will be leading a FREE class/discussion group on Sound Art through The Public School, New York (http://nyc.thepublicschool.org/) on Saturdays in February and March held at Eyebeam (http://eyebeam.org/).

The meetings will cover the basics of sound and digital representation of sound, primary areas of sound art creation and creation tools, home-made hardware sound art tools, conceptual and philosophical aspects of sound art creation, and will culminate with a listening/performance session of works composed by anyone involved.

You can find more information about the class here: http://nyc.thepublicschool.org/class/2732.

The class is open to all skill levels, though we will be going over some of the basics of sound art, and the time spent on more introductory topics will depend on the knowledge base for those attending.

Artists that will be leading the classes include Taeyoon Choi (http://taeyoonchoi.com), Mike Clemow (http://michaelclemow.comhttp://semiotech.org), Roddy Schrock (http://fundamentallysound.org),  Jackson Moore (http://jacksonmoore.net), and Jamie Allen (http://www.heavyside.net).

Hope to see you there! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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[Performance] Gil Houldcroft Jacobs Moscovich Neumann Yadao _ Made Space

All this week I have been participating in a workshop led by Daniel Neumann on “Modular Composition”, a method of collaborative composition where each composer contributes to the composition in a way that both integrates but also can hold up on its own. The composition Made Space that is the result of this workshop will be presented on Friday, July 30th 8:00 PM at Diapason Gallery, 882 3rd Ave., 10th Floor, Brooklyn. Collaborating composers include Wolfgang Gil, Nisi Jacobs, David Mosscovich, Daniel Neumann, and Tamara Yadao. See the performance page for more information, it will certainly be a unique performance!

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New Updates

New updates to the site! Added a page for the mysterious character known as Professor Calculus, plus the performance page is now up to date.

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Here is the brand new website-infospot-soapbox for Travis Houldcroft, composer, musician, student. Here you can find information about upcoming performances, list of compositions with audio, credentials, current research interests, and available private instruction information.

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